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We Can Remove Your Cut Logs

Logs Need To Be Cut In Lengths of: 8'-2", 16'-4", 24'-6", 33'-8".
Logs can be no less than 10 inches in diameter

Three Oaks Property Management LLC

Vegetation Mulching and Clearing

Removing Brush, Trees and Stumps

Grading House/Shop Pads and Driveways

We offer multiple levels of property clearing. From general vegetation mulching/removal of brush and sapling trees, to removing large trees and stumps. We also completely clear property for "Ready to Build" ground, which includes removing all tree stumps, excavating the ground for water run off and smoothing the surface. We will clear a couple of feet to 5 acres.
General cost to clear land and type of clearing:
$25- $50 equipment delivery fee. This will vary depending job location or waived.

Saplings & Brush (
Mulching) $750 - minimum charge for a 4.5hr operation. Exceptions do apply

Brush, saplings, and minimal trees no larger than 8" at base
Mulching). $1,100- $1,500 (Approximately 1 acre) (One-9 hour day)
Heavy forested land, multiple (5 or more) trees larger than 9" at base. (
Track Loader, excavator and Mulcher)..$2,500 - $6,000 (1 acre, time TBD)

Removing stumps from property: $140 per dump trailer. Five to 9 large stumps remove per 5 ton load.
This cost can be waved if owner wants stumps left on property for owner to burn at a later date.

Prices are subject to change. Estimates are valid for 30 days. 
*Length of time to clear property depends on size of trees and weather. Oak tree's take much longer to fell than pine tree's. If it rains; at times there will be a one day additional wait for "dry-up" time. This is so heavy equipment has less chance of getting stuck. Estimates are based on machine time.
We also cut and install gravel driveways.
Don't forget to have water service installed on your recently cleared property. We can connect to your current water service or install new water service from the street.

Additional Services:
Fence line and embankment clearing, Deer Stand Perimeter Clearing
Shooting/Gun Lane Backstops
French Drains, Water Run-Off Swales
Water run off
Removal of unwanted debris
Gravel Driveways
Excavating for outbuildings

Our partners can also assist you with septic system installations.

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